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I was compelled to make this.

(Not based off of roscoe's amazingly funny wogs story no this is a complete clean slate but I have to put a reference of this somewhere and you choose who dies)

Characters in this first part: Roscoe(Hes most active) Ham_and_cheese(I see him everytime im on) SharkBait(Hoo Hah hah) and fingerknitter


"Welcome to my realm fools," Jason exclaims "You all are here to fight for your freedom, and for my amusement" as he laughs.
"But this is our realm weakling how dare you challenge us gods" Ham says cockily as Jason interrupts him "I only have five minutes but you will learn it is I who owns this realm and you weakling will not stand a chance with me here." Fingerknitter had a ghastly expression still wandering how he ended up there Roscoe just looked up from his published book "Fifty Shades Of Wogs" and was confused. "Whats happening?" he asks
Sharkbait is wondering the same thing.
"This is the last place you will see if you don't fight amongst yourselves oops 5 minutes is up" as he disappears. Automatically the 4 people turn on eachother fighting with fists which is unsuccessful so they search for weapons when they cant find some they run off. Roscoe is still reading his book when he noticed everyone left he walked off still wondering whats happening.

Its your time to choose who dies
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Part 2

In the grave:Roscoe
New godsBig Grinerpeh and kappa

"Here for more fun in games watching these people die you are the killer here I just let the people out you are the real killer here"

As roscoe dashes through the forest he ends up in a plain along with 2 other people Sharkbait and fingerknitter finger dashes in the other direction as Sharkbait wants to fight hes feeling confident. Roscoe still confused is wondering what sharkbait is doing running at him as roscoe was tackled he fell on some rocks proving to be fatal roscoe bleeds out as Sharkbait walks away alive. Meanwhile Derpeh and Kappa know whats happening Jason the main god told them Kappa frantic to get away from Derpeh the most confident person in the battlefield.
Kappa escapes Derpeh goes on a hunt to find his fellow contestants so he can get out and be the main fighter.

Who dies now?:
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]
In the grave:roscoe,ham,Derpeh
New gods: Nugz and zeno

"Hahaha murderous are we? Is this all a game? do you want them dead. this is all fun in games till you are put in."

Zeno and nugz scatter knowing death is near.

Ham runs off in a anger knowing that he will escape if not for his buddies he has a flash back of sharkbait and him playing in a game version of this demented world. They were the best of friends this "game" was tearing them apart. As he approaches sharkbait sharkbait notices him and tries talking to him and they get in a argument where sharkbait punches ham causing him to bleed and pushes him into a stream. Sharkbait noticed his mistake and tried to pick ham up but ham was to far and he almost grabbed ham but the streams of blood attracted sharks as sharkbait saw them he backed up ham streamed down tears. "I thought we were friends, man." as he notices the sharks "you murderer you killed me and you killed them all you are the worst friend ever." his broken leg prevented him from leaving as the sharks got to him he was eaten up screaming piercing the ears of many. Derpeh rushed into attack sharkbait but ended up in the sharks with ham.

You voted who died what are you looking for now?
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]
In the grave:roscoe,ham,derpeh,nugz and kappa
New heroes: Budder and acidic

"You find it amusing to kill the people near you huh? you are making it easier on me! you are killing yourself in a way. but that's by opinion. I would like to say i'm the good guy here." Jason exclaims greedily

Budder And Acidic fight eachother but in the end run off

Kappa was wandering trying to sell his wares and trying to make good with everyone. soon he was ambushed by nugz. kappa collapses by the weight of his items and nugz rushes to them and picks the majority of them up and crushes Kappa. Kappa's guts were everywhere nugz. greedily took everything he could find in attempt to become kappa. but zeno sees through this disguise and drop kicks nugz. Nugz attempts to retaliate but in the end died of a heat stroke from the heat of all the items. meanwhile fingerknitter the lost god is walking around hiding in trees sleeping in nests of other animals and eating bird. But he pursues his dream of living. on a non stop journey.

You choose who dies now:
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]
Grave:roscoe,ham,derpeh,nugz,kappa and sharkbait
New god:Katiowa

"You are killing sharkbait huh? hes the savior of zeno but hey your wicked game chose him catch you on the flip side."

As sharkbait runs along tears streaming from killing ham he notices acidic being attacked by finger he goes to save him but finger slams sharkbait into acidics knife proving fatal one quick blow and as his blood slides onto the knife his tears wash the knife off. Acidic flees knowing finger will win. As this happens nearby zeno is about to fall of a cliff and with no sharkbait help hes gonna die but that's your choice save zeno or save another.

Death list:
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]
Grave:roscoe,ham,derpeh,nugz and budder
New gods:Sharkbait and oolala
New voting death:Acidic(He survived 2)

"I have nothing to say to you as you are the psycho one here you make these people prance around like games YOU ARE SICK! YOU NEED TO SAVE THEM AND PRESERVE THEM NOT KILL THEM AND HURT THEM im disgusted I cant speak to you anymore" Jason yelled.

Budder is wandering through the plains he fought at as he is, a poisonous snake appears he tries to turn this into a weapon by extracting the venom but he got bit, knowing this would be fatal he impaled himself on the weapon he was making. He was gonna die by his own hands not by the snake. leaving him dead. Fingerknitter and kat got in a tussle leaving them both injured. They cant risk getting into another fight.

Votes were taken
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]
Jesus Christ I'm a monster XD
The king of dying by fall damage on a T round
"Nobody likes tits" -Ham and Cheese, 2K15
"I 100% swear I was a t" -DerpehBunniez
(responding to question about my rank) "Yes, finger is finger" -Kyi
Grave:roscoe,ham,derpeh,nugz,budder and Oolala(Kinda)
New gods:None

"Im done talking to you till tomorrow you are sicker then oolalas cheating" Jason exclaims

As oolala thought to himself he thought all he had to do was eat survive and sleep which he did for most of the days. but when he saw sharkbait running he thought he should attack.
And he says "Forget this I don't want to hurt myself I got super admin powers all I got to do is tp to someone he exclaims as he goes to jasons tower. where Jason has a cow about oolala breaking the rules Jason banishes him to the: Cheesy pit of burns. where he was forever tortured. meanwhile finger was having troubles surviving. so he hid in a animal den for warmth.

Vote for death:
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]
New grave person:Sharkbait
New gods:Silent ham and degenerate cow

Sharkbait happy and high on life that he was revived was thankful for everyone who wanted him alive. he thanked them individually when he reached zeno as zeno was still angry he was alive, zeno shanked him sharkbait asked "why. why did you do this to me, I thought we were friends." as he was bleeding out his eyes were flashing through his eyes he concentrated on what he did to ham he felt ashamed so much that he sent mind waves to Jason, and Jason was forced to put ham back in.

Vote here who dies next:
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]
New graveyardee:Ham
New gods:None

"Killing the new one huh? you realize im gonna bring him back you psychopath he has 3 lives and the last one you cant vote on you can only guess who wont kill him" Jason exclaims smiling

As ham journeyed on he was immediately targeted by all other gods as they rammed him beat him up he dured on almost killed 3 but hes gonna bleed out by dawn he guessed.
Ham powered by will finally settled in a hole where fingerknitter was and finger automatically shanked ham leaving him dead. and alone.

Vote for death here:
[Image: lol_meme___twitch_by_ourempress-d4s2h81.jpg]

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