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Derpeh's need to take a break from school work story (hiatus)

I hate school. Also I feel left out.

Chapter 1: Small Beginnings!

It was around midnight when it happened. Roscoe stormed into my room in a fit of rage, apparently because someone ate the last Doughnut. I could not help but giggle to myself as he ranted. When he saw me laughing, he asked me if I wanted to see a magic trick.

"Yeah, sure." I said, not knowing what he was planning. However, before I knew what was happening, the world disappeared from around me, and all was I could see was black. Off in the distance however, I saw a small spec of light. I attempted to move towards the light, but realized I could not move. Roscoe appeared in front of me.

"What is this place?" I asked.

"This place is," he paused, apparently thinking about what he was going to say.

"Your worst nightmare." he said as he finally finished his sentence.

"Let me out!" I cried, attempting to struggle, and to my surprise, Roscoe left. In the next few moments, indescribable things started to happen. Within a bright flash of light that left me stunned, creatures grew out the ground. Cities formed in seconds, and the landscape was formed. I was startled when a voice came from seemingly inside my own head.

"If you want to get out alive, you must know your friends well."

I was shocked. I had no idea what to do, or where to start. I had a new world form around me within moments, and I knew nothing about it.
-5 never write again scrub
Chapter 2: The City of Richland!

Attempting to make sense of my surroundings, I set off for a place to camp. I saw a hill that looked relatively easy to defend, so I decided to head up there. Once I reached the top, I was shocked. In every direction there were swamps and forests, full of strange creatures. I could identify a few, the typical Earth animals such as crocodiles and small rodents. It was then that I noticed what I was standing next to. It was some sort of button on a tree. I was deciding whether or not to press it when i heard a voice behind me.

"Who goes there!" the billowing voice cried out.

"I have a slightly better question. Where the hell am I?" I replied.

"You are on Richland city property. Identify yourself or be killed!" The man who I could now see was roughly 7 feet tall with a muscular build answered.

"My name is Derpeh. Now who are you?" I said, with a slight quiver in my voice.

"I am Finger. Now come with me."

Finger pressed the button, and within a few seconds a door opened in the ground. He then threw me into the hole, and climbed in himself. It could not have been more than 8 feet deep. He led me down a passage that seemed to go deep underground.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"That is for me to know, and you to not know." Finger replied.

Finger's voice was deep, but smooth, almost comforting in a way. I then realized we were no longer travelling through a cramped corridor, but rather a full underground city, complete with artificial sunlight. It seemed to have 3 main buildings, 2 of which looked like the houses from Earth. The third building looked more like a shop, with a flat roof. It seemed that I was being brought to the shop. About 30 seconds later, we arrived at the building. Finger opened the door with a keycard, and tossed me inside. It was then I realized what the building really was. It was a prison. There were 3 cells, 1 of which was already occupied. Finger and another guard put me into the second cell and locked it. Finger then left. I turned to the man in the next cell.

"Who're you?" He asked in an angry tone.

"I am Derpeh" I said back to him.

It was at this moment that I suddenly realized the person next to me was Roscoe. Upon this realization, the same voice from before echoed in my head

"Your enemies are always closer."
Lol hell yes, love that I'm in here. Especially the voice description Wink
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Chapter 3: Classified Information

I was still shocked that the person... no, the thing... that trapped me here was so close to me. I could not even muster the courage to speak properly. I heard Finger's voice calling me.

"You two. Come with me." His tone was assertive.

He and the other guard unlocked our cells and led us out the door into a courtyard.

"What are we doing here?" I asked Finger.

"That is classified until further notice." He responded with a snap in his voice.

A knife then appeared in Roscoe's hand.

"Have fun!" yelled Finger, walking away.

The attack was swift. Within an instant the knife was in my thigh, shredding through my skin. I noticed a shed and an empty pool. They were my only chance to escape. The second round of attacks hit like a ton of bricks. Roscoe began pounding my head in with his fist. I realized that the knife was still in my thigh, and was my only chance to turn the tide of the battle. I quickly grabbed the knife and plunged it deep into Roscoe's chest, making sure to rip as much flesh as possible when pulling the knife out. With the knife still in hand, I began to crawl to the shed, hoping to find something of use. I heard Roscoe getting up behind me, but paid no attention to him. I knew that I had to reach that shed. Upon reaching the shed, I realized it was locked. I had nowhere to go. The voice echoed once again.

"Do something that nobody else can."
It's okay so far. Except I would never rant about a doughnut. ALWAYS about bagels. Get it right, scrub
Chapter 4: The Unknowing Hero

Finally able to get back on my feet, I stood up and looked back at Roscoe. He was getting up too, and he knew I was cornered. In a flash of light, the wound on his chest healed.

"You cannot beat me. You will perish like every other person who laughed at me!" Roscoe yelled.

Knowing my only hope was to run past him, despite my injured leg, I began to sprint towards the exit. In between the 2 house-like buildings, however, I lost the ability to walk. Roscoe calmly walked up behind me and took the knife from my hand. He stood up and prepared to plunge the knife deep into my face. It was at this moment that the door to the building we were in front of flung open, hitting Roscoe into a wall and plunging the knife into his own face.

"The fuck did I just walk in on?" Finger asked.

Assuming that Finger was somehow in on this scheme, I tried to crawl away, but the large man quickly caught up to me. He dragged me back into the prison.

"You have proven your worth by defeating the fifth most dangerous criminal in the world, known as Bagels in Winter. You are now able to use any of this cities facilities, including the hospital for cleansing the city of this evil." Finger said, in probably the nicest tone one could imagine coming out of a 7 foot tall pile of muscle.

I quickly grabbed a map and headed for the hospital, crawling for what seemed like hours before finally arriving at the hospital, which was actually just a section of one of the house buildings. It had the number "8" above the door. I was invited in by a boy who introduced himself as Ham. He used an item called a "Regen-Bubble" to patch my leg up, and told me to talk to Finger. After walking the 50 feet or so back to the prison, I saw Finger waving.

"We'd love for you to stick around, security has been really lacking recently. I should probably introduce you to the other guard in this town. His name is Silent. SilentKO to be exact." Finger said

Silent just nodded and walked into one of the houses. The voice echoed.

"Danger and fear are closer than they appear."
Chapter 4.5: Story Bullshit That Nobody Cares About But I Have To Put In Or Else People Will Be Severely Confused

"Forgive me, Leader Roscoe, I could not have predicted a door would interfere with the fight."

"You are pitiful. Same tbh, come here!"

"Yes, master?"

"I want him dead. Now."

"Yes sir. I will launch a full-scale attack by sun down."

Chapter 5: The Fall of a City

I had barely begun to move into the house Finger gave me when I heard a strange sound coming from the entrance to Richland. It sounded like hooting. I quickly grabbed the knife I had from the fight with Roscoe, or rather "Bagels in Winter" as Finger called him, and went to investigate. Finger met me at the entrance to the city and handed me a pistol. When I touched it, a holographic screen came up. It read:

Epic Pistol of Shock

+5% Damage
+4.8% Firerate
+8% Clip
Has a 1 in 5.6 Chance to Electrocute targets for 5.3 damage every 2 seconds for 18 seconds

I asked Finger what it meant.

"These weapons are an extension of our soul. Once you fire it, nobody else can fire it. In addition, you can call them to your side whenever you need them. Depending on..."

We were interrupted. Within moments, the skies were swarming with birds that appeared to be owls with a bagel for a face. I began to shoot wildly into the swarm of the owls, and noticed some of them drop from the sky, suffering from what looked like a seizure. Ham came out to see what the commotion was all about, and was swiftly buried in owl shit. Finger directed me into the prison, where silent pointed a gun at both of us. We now had a choice. Fight Silent and secure the prison, or retreat to one of the houses, but risk being buried in owl shit. The choice was obvious. I took 3 shots at Silent, hitting him in the chest. He collapsed on the ground, suffering the same symptoms as the owls outside. I began to realize that some of my bullets were delivering electric shocks to my target, which seemed to behave like a taser when it hit something. I also began to realize it didn't just stun the target, it damaged them too. Finger quickly tied up Silent and threw him in a cell. We had secured the prison, but the city outside was being torn to pieces. We decided that we had to leave the city if we wanted to get out alive. I suggested we sneak out the back door of the prison, but Finger had a better idea. He wanted to use the underground tunnels running beneath the city.

"Come on, the tunnels are down here." He said, directing me into a doorway.

"Where do you think we should go?" I asked.

"I have no idea." The reply was blunt.

A voice echoed through my head.

"The path you have taken in one of pain and loss."

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