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Your life story (Briefly!)

Summarize your life story! 
Only this time, it's not a meme. Feel free to add humor, though!

So I was born in Swansea, Wales, January 30th 1995. Was supposed to be my hometown in northern Ireland, but was an early birth, and me mum was on holiday. Guess you could say I made my escape from that fleshy prison of a womb! Ha!

Anyway, I went to live in Ireland, living in England for a year at one point. Because northern Ireland was so dangerous and with the economy in the toilet, I was forced to move to Australia. Got stuck in transit because of 9/11, which happened the day the flight was planned. Had to spend a night in Heathrow Airport. It sucked. There were 2 bad diseases going around at the time (Mad Cow Disease and Foot and Mouth disease) and there was a quarantine in place. This was very sad for me, as I had a gorgeous German Shepherd called Mitzy who I had to leave behind. I left her with nice people, of course.
So then I grew up in Australia. Hated school, but I loved every second of English, History, and IT, and spent most of my spare time making flash games and animations in the library. You tend to learn that stuff pretty quickly when you're bored.

Not long after school, I moved out, which brings me to my short term goal of getting a part time job. For the long term, I'd like to do either game design or something music related, perhaps engineering or bass guitar and vocals. I'm also interested in being an Author, though I feel it's best to keep that as a side project.

That's the quickest way of describing my life up til now without going too much into detail.
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i was born in columbia, missouri on february 1st, 1999, at 11:38 am. i was put up for adoption because my parents had kids when they were under the age of 21 which is a bad idea since you cant drink the baby into retardation. and thats all you're going to get because i dont feel like typing out my life story
was born in surry,bc lived there till i was 9 mom and dad got a divorce moved to manitoba lived in a small town called ******** for close to 10 years now goto school a fucking hour away from where i live gotta get up at 6 am every day fml got a dog named jax 2 years ago now sad story had to put him down half a year ago cause he had epelipsy spelled wrong to la\y look up how to spell it right Tongue got a dober pincher i think its called just a tiny dog looks like doberman cutting his balls off this week feelsbaman! Smile
I don't have a life
(06-07-2017, 07:27 PM)Kyi Wrote: I don't have a life
we know lol 
(06-07-2017, 07:27 PM)Kyi Wrote: I don't have a life
we know lol 

R E K T <3
I was born, when I was four my father died. From then I have gained this blessing of no life.
My life is a living hell. My mother expects me to graduate top of my class and won't let me spend time with friends and the sad part is I have to play in secret to get my hours. Most of the time it involves playing hours on end at night

I've got some health issues but I'm really happy and have been for years now. I'm pursuing my dream of medical school and I have someone to care for. Life starting with high school has just been really nice.

Just felt like we needed one story that wasn't sad lol
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Christ, I asked for a life story, not depressing stuff! I have a lot of depression from a lot of things, but I left all that out cause that would take too long to properly explain Tongue

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